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English teacher



Teaches: English
Speaks: English (native), Spanish (Advanced), German (Basic)
Courses: 3
Classes taught: 231
Location Florida, United States (Florida - Miami - -05:00 GMT/UTC, now DST -04:00 [ * ])  
Age: 56  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
Offline teaching experience: 4
Online teaching experience: 4
My career began with a BA in Latin American Studies and a minor in German Literature. While a translator by training and trade, I have also taught English at all levels, English Composition and Translation into English, first in Venezuela and later in the United States. My experience has placed me on both sides of the desk, familiarizing me with the expectations and needs of both instructor and student. I place equal emphasis on the spoken and written word and address the specific needs of each student. Give my courses a try. // Inicié mi carrera profesional con el título de licenciatura (BA) con una especialización en Estudios Latinoamericanos así como estudios secundarios sobre la literatura alemana. Soy traductor de oficio, pero también he dictado cursos del inglés a todos los niveles, la Composición Inglesa y la Traducción al Inglés, primero en Venezuela y luego en EEUU. Ya como alumno de los idiomas además de maestro, conozco las expectativas y necesidades de ambos y adecuo los programas según las exigencias específicas de cada uno de mis alumnos. Atrévanse e inscríbanse en uno de mis cursos.
Personal Information
My interests are many, including theater, reading, dogs and, not least of all, languages. While I only claim to speak Spanish and English fluently, I have studied several others. This goes hand in hand with travel. Part of my life has been spent in Bolivia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.
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    Students Feedback: 73
     Posted on February 04 2013
    The lesson was very interesting and I learned new vocabulary and idioms. The teacher is very professional and friendly.
     Posted on December 24 2012
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