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English and German teacher



Teaches: English and German
Speaks: English (native), German (Native)
Courses: 2
Classes taught: 514
Location Wiesbaden, Germany (Germany - Berlin - +01:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 49  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
I have a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL),and a Bachelors Degree in English.
Offline teaching experience: 10
Online teaching experience: 10
I have experience in teaching at the University level and I have instructed English and German language classes. I have given private lessons for several years over the internet.
Personal Information
You can send me an email and we can then arrange some way to meet. Thank you. **** Hello welcome to my profile. My name is Scott and if you would like to learn English then sign up for a free lesson. I went to High School in Rapid City, South Dakota and then went on to Creighton University where I studied English and German. I also spent some time studying Philosophy. I graduated in 1989 and then went to graduate school at the University of Nebraska. Well, I like school so much that I went back for a computer programming degree in 2000 and now I am here in Germany studying Philosophy and Archaeology. I enjoy giving English lessons while I go to school, because the flexible hours work well with my time schedule and if I get to busy with school then I can take a break. I love to discuss art and culture and philosophy and if you like we can also talk about internet technology. I have been giving lessons for about eight years and the most important thing is for us to meet for a free lesson. We can talk about what you would like to learn and then we can plan for what we need to do. I can tell you that there are many tools which we can use. First we need to determine your level of English and then we can begin to improve your comprehension and your speaking ability. Just write me an email if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon.
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100 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-35%)
  • €12.35/lesson
  • USD 13.95
  • €1235/package
  • USD 1394.81
  • 45 min. (-35%)
  • €15.6/lesson
  • USD 17.62
  • €1560/package
  • USD 1761.86

  • Book
    50 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-25%)
  • €14.26/lesson
  • USD 16.11
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  • USD 805.26
  • 45 min. (-25%)
  • €18/lesson
  • USD 20.33
  • €900/package
  • USD 1016.46

  • Book
    30 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-15%)
  • €16.17/lesson
  • USD 18.26
  • €485/package
  • USD 547.76
  • 45 min. (-15%)
  • €20.4/lesson
  • USD 23.04
  • €612/package
  • USD 691.19

  • Book
    10 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-6%)
  • €17.9/lesson
  • USD 20.22
  • €179/package
  • USD 202.16
  • 45 min. (-6%)
  • €22.6/lesson
  • USD 25.52
  • €226/package
  • USD 255.24

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    Full immersion
  • Intensive language course
  • Up to 30 lessons in 30 days*
  • €200 per package (30min. lessons)
  • USD 225.88
  • 65% discount

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    *You are allowed to take 1 lesson every day for 30 days in a row
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  • USD 21.46
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    Students Feedback: 267
     Posted on June 27 2009
     Posted on July 16 2009
    Thanks a lot for your help and for the lesson of today. It helped me a lot and didn't bring me additional "stress" after my very busy day. I'm happy to have the chance to get famil...
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