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English and Filipino (Tagalog) teacher

Learning English is more FUN!    Mar 01 10:53AM
Teaches: English and Filipino (Tagalog)
Speaks: English (native), Filipino (Tagalog) (Proficient), Chinese (Mandarin) (Basic), Spanish (Basic)
Courses: 18
Classes taught: 551
Location California, United States (Taiwan - Taipei - +08:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 42  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
International English Teacher License Recognition of Excellence in English Language Teaching Authorized and issued by TESOL Licensing Standards International Committee Advanced TESOL Certificate in Teacher of English To Speakers of Other Languages Issued by Global TESOL College and certified by the Government of Canada
Offline teaching experience: 19
Online teaching experience: 9
QES is a certified ESL teacher, an International Licensed English teacher who has been teaching English as a second language globally. She has been teaching students in all ages, from preschoolers, college students and post graduates. She also instructs Business English Communication and Business English Writing for corporations. Companies like Actual Living in English at Learning Technologies Ltd, Williams English Services, NanYa Corporation, and Taiwan PCB Techvest are some of the companies that she helped as a Private English Facilitator, instructing them in English communication. She is the present administrator of Quel English Studio. She enjoys teaching and she also dabbles in writing English literature and plays. She is an avid reader. In her spare time, she loves reading novels, autobiography, inspirational and motivational books. Besides being a CNN aficionado, she is a jet setter; she travels a lot during holidays and semestral break. Mountain climbing is her fun way to unwind and relax.
Personal Information
Hi everyone! I am passionate about teaching. Currently, I am teaching English, Mandarin and Tagalog here at Myngle. Anyone who wants to improve their language skills, send me a message at Myngle. My classes are interactive, simple and fun. I am the type of teacher who makes sure that the students understand the topic and the students are able to contribute to the topic by interaction. So what are you waiting for, come and join me in my interactive language class and you will find out that learning a new language is great!
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    Students Feedback: 303
     Posted on December 13 2009
    Thanks teacher for the lesson. I did enjoy talking to you. She has a high experience. Very well prepared also. Good luck MYngling :)
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