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Bulgarian, Russian and English teacher

Learning is a treasure that can never be taken away.    Sep 28 05:41PM
Teaches: Bulgarian, Russian and English
Speaks: Bulgarian (native), Russian (Native), English (Proficient), Japanese (Upper-Intermediate)
Courses: 19
Classes taught: 497
Location Sofia, Bulgaria (Bulgaria - Sofia - +02:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +03:00 )  
Age: 41  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
I have an MA degree in Applied Linguistics- English and Japanese language. I have also passed teacher training in one of the best schools in my country. I specialised for one year in Japan, as a foreign student at the Tokyo Institute of Foreign Studies 東京外国語大学. I have been a teacher and translator for the last 12 years in English, Bulgarian, Russian and Japanese. My approach is communicative, student-centered and flexible with a combination of teaching techniques.
Offline teaching experience: 12
Online teaching experience: 2
I was born in Russia but I live in Bulgaria now (my mother is Russian and my father is Bulgarian). I was fortunate to learn both Bulgarian and Russian as native languages. I also have an MA in Applied Linguistics - English and Japanese language. I have been a teacher and a translator for the last 12 years (Russian, English, Bulgarian, Japanese) and it has been my greatest reward to help others learn and improve. My students have successfully passed exams, started studying or working abroad, improved their communication with international partners and clients at their job (and some of them have been promoted as a result), learnt to express themselves better and spoke publicly in the target language by making presentations, increased their professional self-confidence and expanded their prospects and I am so proud of them! I am also very happy and grateful for having this job and the opportunity to meet incredible people from all over the world! I hope to meet you, share words and stories of our beautiful languages and help you make a difference in your and other people's lives in the best way there is - by communicating, learning and knowing! If you would like a free trial, please send me a message! Привет всем! Я буду рада ответить на Ваши вопросы! Здравейте! Ще се радвам да отговоря на въпросите Ви!
Personal Information
I have been a language teacher for more than 12 years and I love teaching! I am a native speaker in both Bulgarian and Russian (my father is Bulgarian and my mother is Russian). I live in Bulgaria but I was born in Russia. I have been studying languages since early childhood and this has shaped my life and thinking ever since. I have an MA degree in Applied linguistics - English and Japanese language. I offer a free trial lesson for serious students! I provide free additional materials to my students students: homework exercises, short audios, vocabulary lists, song lyrics, etc!
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    Students Feedback: 274
     Posted on January 05 2011
    It's good there is the chatbox that functions as a blackboard for written text. Without I would confuse the cyrillic variations of the "i" (и, ы, й) and the "a"/"o" all the time...
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