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Arabic (Lebanese) course Lebanese Arabic- A2

by Hala  
Language: Arabic (Lebanese)
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Lessons: 5
School: None
30 mins:

45 mins:
€ 100000
USD 116120.00
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    Course plan
    1. Future Tense
    We will learn how to speak about future plans here, using...  more
    2. Helping verbs and the Imperfect
    Here we will learn how to use the helping verbs with...  more
    3. Infinitive and B..
    On this lesson we will learn how to conjugate the verbs,...  more
    4. Introduction to verbs
    Here we will talk about verbs and how it works in Arabic....  more
    5. Participle and the Imperfect
    Using participle is always one of the most effective ways...  more
     Skills Involved
    Pronunciation: Reading and writing:
    Speaking and listening: Grammar:
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