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New booking page goes live!

panos2Hello everyone!

As you must have noticed there are several changes on the website happening. At Myngle we try to make your learning as effective and enjoyable as it gets. We took several steps to improve our website and there are more to come in the pipeline; but today we are very excited to present you our new booking page!

The steps to booking are basically the same but they are presented in a clearer and more effective way!  And there are also some new additions to make the whole process easier:

  • by selecting a time when the teacher is not available, the system will suggest you four other times the teacher is available
  • easier system to choose the date of your class by only using the calendar, instead of selecting day and month separately
  • when selecting a “Book free trial” button, the course, lesson and class length are automatically selected for you and can’t be changed
  • buying a school’s package is possible directly from the Courses listing (not having to go to the School’s page)
  • on the booking page you can view and switch to other teachers who offer the same course


Let us know what you think on the new booking page and stay tuned for more changes in December!


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