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Myngle’s Affiliate Program update

astrid1Three weeks ago we first told you about our new affiliate program. If you become an affiliate you can earn money by spreading the word of Myngle with your friends, family and visitors of your website/blog! For teachers this is a possibility to not only earn money by teaching on Myngle, but also share in the revenue of students they bring in. Double money!! So teachers, promote your Myngle profile and earn money twice.

We have a lot of websites promoting Myngle through our affiliate system already and the power of many is really helping Myngle! Affiliates bring in quality traffic, in our case students taking lessons. See some of the coolest examples of our Myngle banners around the world:

Apart from banners it is also possible to promote Myngle through inserting a link to Myngle on your website! If people then register through that link you will receive the same revenue share as with the banners! A perfect example of this is Myngling to Learn a Language on missiontolearn.com!

We hope that together we can make the Myngle affiliate program a success! Help yourself by helping the Myngle platform grow.

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2 Comments on “Myngle’s Affiliate Program update”

  1. RichardOn Says:

    Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

  2. FredJouldd Says:

    Thanks, good article.


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