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Myngle could really make a difference… if we all want it to be so

I was discussing yesterday with the team about Myngle, about its future ahead of us. It was a nice relaxed moment of truth during our lunch in the garden, when you speak what you mean and you think deeper about what you really want.
Well… it made me realize that somewhere in the future we might become big and thus be in the position to be noted and able to make a difference. A great place to be.

One day we will be in that privileged position (I like to be optimistic here) to make choices that have impact. Then there might be two directions opening in front of us that are not necessarily going the same way: earn even more money, or give something back to follow the dream of making the world a better place.

I was fortunate to be born in a place, in a time and in a condition that have given me a lot of advantages, and the possibility to be leading Myngle now.

It has always been a silent desire to be able to leverage this advantage for a broader benefit, and Myngle could give me and all the team this opportunity…. helping people in less fortunate Countries, supporting understanding by sharing languages and cultures in the most remote corners of the world, bringing working opportunities somewhere where work is scarce…

There are many ways. It just needs the will to start.

This I wanted to share with you today, in a moment of truth about my dreams of tomorrow.


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4 Comments on “Myngle could really make a difference… if we all want it to be so”

  1. elisa Says:

    Hello Marina,

    thanks for sharing your dream about Myngle! I am looking forward to that moment when we can really make the difference for a lot of people, maybe opening Myngle schools all over the world, to improve education in countries where not everybody has a right to it…just an example, but I am sure we are taking the right direction now 🙂


  2. Klara Says:

    What a beautiful message and a dream, Marina. I also like the picture that speaks of your message. God bless you and your team for opening to the world. The world needs people like you and I will never stop saying ” thank you and long live Myngle”, not only for me but for the future generations that will benefit from its service. You are in a business venture which is needed in order to extend your hands outside. I am optimistic that after several years of operation you will reap the fruit of your perspiration and maybe the chance to realize a beautiful aspiration…….When blessings are kept, they won’t grow; they need to be sowed in order to reap hundredfolds.


  3. KirstenWinkler Says:

    Hello Marina,
    I totally agree with that 🙂
    That’s why I started my own language learning website in april. I offer free german courses (video lessons and online exercises) to give something back.
    I think, everybody has the power make a change. You just have to stop talking about doing something. Just do it! (sponsored add 😉 )
    see you,

  4. marina Says:

    If we all believe in the same dream, I’m sure we can make it true 🙂