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The secrets of successful teachers on Myngle

egbert34×45.jpgHi all,

What is the secret of the most succesful teachers on Myngle? This question is often asked to our consultants. Why are some teachers booked by many students and others not? Please read on, we will tell you.

We have done thorough analysis to find out what the secret is of the most succesful teachers on Myngle. The result is that successful teachers show the following pattern:

  • They have a complete profile, with good information about themselves and some personal information. Click for tips on the perfect profile.
  • Their picture is ‘face only’ with good lighting (a good picture is very very important)
  • Their username is short and most successful teacher have a human name as username. ( so username ‘egbert’ would be preferred over ‘JamesBond007′)
  • Their feedback score is very good. Feedback is your permanent record on Myngle, showing how your teaching skills have been valued by your past students)
  • When they started they took the free Myngle consultation session.
  • Their course list contains more than 1 course. Btw you can use ‘Myngle’s shared courses’ for your teachings. 
  • They often post on the forum. (free visibility)
  • They pro-actively approach students by searching through the students list and contact them with a good, short, acquisition message.
  • The names of their courses and individual lessons are clear an appealing.
  • They acquire students themselves outside of Myngle by searching on the internet
  • They comment on blogs and forums and communicate the url of their teachers profile, attracting traffic to their profile.

The moral of the story is that the secret of successful teachers lies in the combination of all subjects above. This is what gets them their students and make them earn a lot just by teaching online from the comfort of their home.

It is not difficult, just do it!

 Have fun Myngling.

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3 Comments on “The secrets of successful teachers on Myngle”

  1. Michael Says:

    This post is so good that I hope you send it out to all your teachers. After correcting the spelling of successful (I noticed three different spellings) :)

  2. egbert Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your compliment and the feedback.

    You are right, if you want to be ’successful’, at least one has to be able to spell it right.


  3. Israel Says:


    Oneof the displays showed that Ihave givenonly 20@ of my profile as a teacher.Could yougide me as to where and how I give my full profile.

    Israel Jayakaran


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