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Myngle community 2 months after the launch

tetyana-small.jpgHi all,

The first 2 months of Myngle online life were quite exciting: we’ve seen a strong interest from our students and also teachers. Already in such a short time we have welcomed on board more than 500 teachers and over 4500 students!

So, who are our Myngle pioneers? Our teachers on average speak more than 3 languages! Myngle is proud to be a hub for language passionates. We hope that the number of languages mastered will even increase thanks to the Myngle platform. Our teachers come from 66 countries and teach 58 languages.

Myngle students represent 166 countries and are seeking to learn 120 languages. So we have a way to go in bringing in talented teachers to help you learn.

English remains the most popular language among both students and teachers. You can see below a chart of top 15 languages demanded in Myngle. Each orange bar shows the number of teachers of a language, and the blue bar shows the number of students exceeding the number of teachers. You can see that apart from the commonly demanded languages, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi and Russian languages are very popular.


We are happy to see you on board and hope that you enjoy learning or teaching in Myngle. Remember to drop us any suggestions or great ideas you may have on how we can improve Myngle to make it THE destination for online language learning!

Have fun myngling!


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2 Comments on “Myngle community 2 months after the launch”

  1. doris Says:

    mi comentario veo la pagina interesante ,lo que pasa yo hablo espanol y el ingles casi nada necesito informacion en espanol ,a donde voy

  2. doris Says:

    informacion en espanol


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