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In the spotlight; Introducing teacher tutonlineit


We are happy to put teacher Tutonlineit in the spotlight this week.



My name is Marged, I’m 31 years old and I was born in northern Italy, in a town near Venice. I’ve been fond of sounds and languages from my childhood, also because many members of my family have been working in the field of foreign languages, moreover, I’m bilingual, since I’m a half Welsh.

I also have a passion for music, namely I’m a singer. Another interest I’ve been showing from an early age is teaching. I’ve started teaching instinctively, since I love sharing my knowledge, and I had noticed people enjoyed learning from me.
That’s how I started teaching languages, firstly Latin and English and later also Hindi and Italian as a foreign language, privately. I was not satisfied with the traditional language teaching method because learning and speaking a language, to me, meant communicating with others and also imitating and producing new sounds. I liked the challenge of grammar, but I thought it was pretty useless without applying it in everyday situations.

I graduated in Hindi at the University of Venice with a dissertation on Indian classical music and even during my studies, I was always asked to help other students learning the language. Meanwhile, I attended a few courses in foreign languages education as well and so I got fascinated by the latest trends in language teaching. I have worked a lot with children too, also because I was interested in knowing more about their learning process. I noticed they can grasp a new language quickly because they just try to use it right away. They instinctively know that only by using a language you can learn easily.

More recently, I’ve started working as an online tutor and I have noticed the internet works pretty well in foreign language education for many reasons. One of these is certainly that people are more focused on the listening comparing to a live face to face situation. When I came to Myngle I instantly liked its conception of teaching languages and sharing knowledge, and, of course, its friendly look, that’s why I’m very happy to be a part of it and I’m eager to make my teaching experience available to anyone who’s interested in learning Italian, Hindi or English on Myngle!

Please have a look at my profile and of course you are welcome to book a lesson with me:


Have fun Myngling!

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2 Comments on “In the spotlight; Introducing teacher tutonlineit”

  1. Our teacher Marged in the spotlight on the website Myngle! « Learning Languages Online Says:

    [...] Our teacher Marged in the spotlight on the website Myngle! Our Italian and Hindi teacher Marged had the honour to be featured on Myngle’s blog this week! Have a look here… [...]

  2. John Borup Says:

    Hello Marged
    I’m pleased to have your positive response.
    I have now worked with the classroom site since 20:00, and I’m not sure whether
    I have the right outfit to take the lesson. I have estabnlished a Skype account,
    but I don’t have PowerPoint on my PC, and I also don’t have a microphone.
    If these missings make us unable to communicate, I apologize for the
    inconvenience. Please let me know by mail direct to jbo@profilmarkiser.dk.
    09.03.08 20:48
    John Borup


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