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How to upload your picture

avv.jpgHi All,

A few Mynglers have asked some question on how to best upload the profile picture.
A picture says more than a thousand words, so here are some images that can help you with uploading your image, and selecting the area.

First we start by going to our profile. You can do that by clicking “my profile” in the top right navigation.

Next, we click ‘edit’. You can find that next to “Welcome, [your username]. This is your profile page”.


Now, on this page you can change your profile details, and your profile picture.
For this example I have changed my regular picture into that of Myngle, the parrot.
Before Crop

Press “Select picture”

A popup window will appear:
(In this picture some elements are in Dutch. This is due to my pc. It can be different for you, but the buttons have the same function. “Bladeren” is Browe…a free Dutch lesson on my behalf ;-) )

You can only upload the standard picture types, such as BMP, Gif, JPG etc.
Select the picture you want to show, and press ‘Upload’.

A new window will appear, showing your picture. But only one area will be highlighted, as you will notice in the top left corner:

You can drag this area with your mouse:

To make the area larger, go to the bottom right corner of the highlighted box. You will see the mouse cursor change. If you press and hold the left-mousebutton you can drag the box and make the area larger:

When you are done, press ok. And that’s it! Your new picture will be visibile in your profile pages.

And you can changes the picture as many times as you like!

Here’s all in a movie, but beware: it is a 11MB file, so for slow connections it might take some time to download!


embedded by WP Embedded Video

Good luck!


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3 Comments on “How to upload your picture”

  1. Gary Smith Says:


    I uploaded a profile picture. It would be easier to make the picture the optimum size if the maximum dimensions were given in pixels, such as 100 H x 150 W.

    What are the maximum dimensions for the profile picture? Thanks.

  2. andres Says:


    the largest size we handle on the site are 169 x 119

  3. Ina Says:

    Hi i can not upload my photo on my profile as it is too big, and i can not crop it enough.What can i do?


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