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Our first 1,000 subscribers, some analysis

egbert34×45.jpgHey all,

Yesterday was a great day. Myngle reached the first milestone in these early stages. We crossed the line of 1,000 subscribers!!!!!! Fantastic, all through Word of Mouth. These first 1,000 subscribers are all people like you and me who want to learn a language…..or teach a language. People who are eager to see the Myngle platform come to life. Individual teachers, complete languages schools, language students, business people, cross culturals, expats, au pairs and all language passionates….they are the first members to the Myngle community. Welcome, welcome!!!!!

With 1,000 subscribers doing some analysis is starting to make sence. So Tetyana did some high level analysis we want to share with you. In this post we show you the balance between teachers and students per language of the people who subscribed.


The slide shows you that the demand is there, people do want to make life easy and learn a language from the comfort of their home, during hours they can choose themselves and with the teacher they choose themselves. The demand is there, in some languages even relatively too much. For English there are approximately as many students as teachers, but for most of the other languages, the number of students by far exceeds the teachers available. This means opportunities for new language teachers, which will bring back balance between supply and demand (with a lot of help from our side of couse).

Welcome to you all!

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7 Comments on “Our first 1,000 subscribers, some analysis”

  1. Jue Says:

    Good News!!

  2. MButler Says:

    My guess is that if you had a home page option in Spanish。Chinese,Japanese, and Korean that your supply of English students would start to increase。Any thoughts in that direction?

  3. egbert Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. Yes, indeed, localised versions of Myngle are planned for 2008. We will keep you updated which countries come first, depending on priority.


  4. Ronaldo Says:

    Congratulations, mynglers!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Ronaldo Says:

    Hello, again… I have one question:
    As far as students are concerned, is Myngle intended only for beginners?

    In case there are advanced learners or competent speakers of the target language, is Myngle also suitable for them?


  6. egbert Says:

    Hi Ronaldo,

    That is a good and very important question. Myngle is for anyone who wants to learn a language. Beginners, advanced, proficient, business language, technical language….anything.

    The nice thing about a marketplace is, if there is demand for anything, supply will follow.


  7. D&G Says:

    I guess you can double the number of teachers if all the expat teachers in Japan start to teach languages on Myngle. Check this out:
    Western teachers in Japan face redundancy as Nova language schools close


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